The End of the World

We spent most of yesterday getting from the north to the far south of Argentina. After a very sketchy landing (so bad that everyone on the plane clapped in thanks that we hadn't crashed), we got our first glimpse of Ushuaia, which was still in daylight at 8 pm. It definitely feels like a small town sitting on the end of the world. 

On the plane we had struck up a conversation with an Argentine lawyer who comes down here frequently for criminal cases. At his suggestion we went to Volver for dinner, where I had the best crabs ever. They call it "centolla" and in English it's spider crab.

We walked downtown today specifically to check on the cold-weather gear we rented for the boat trip to Antarctica. We couldn't resist this little penguino. 

I also realized I had forgotten to pack a hat, so I bought this fleece headband, opting for the tourist version instead of the one by North Face at 3 times the price.

After hearing tales of 10-foot waves in Drake's Passage, I decided to by some Dramamine just in case I needed it. I initially asked for the patch you wear behind your ear, but apparently Argentina has banned the patch because of some questionable ingredient, so I will just be put to sleep with pills instead.

We had a wonderful lunch of roast lamb to celebrate David's 69th birthday. Dessert comes later at a tea-house recommended by our new Argentine lawyer friend.

The Internet is so bad here that I can't seem to post any pictures.