Local Transortation


We needed to go from Cafayate to Salta today and opted to travel as the locals do. The one-way ticket cost $12.50. I am sure we were the only non-locals on the bus, which was completely full.

We had a somewhat rocky start when the bus stopped for about 15 minutes on the way out of town and then we were told to get off and get on another bus. No one ever explained why. 

Otherwise it was a pretty uneventful 4-hour bus ride to go about 115 miles, much of the trip with persistent rain. 

Luckily the bus station was within walking distance of out hostal. 

We decided to go "downtown" one last time before leaving Salta tomorrow to head to the far south. 

We have been seeing these amazing desserts since arriving in Argentina and resisting. Today after sitting on a bus all day and having the equivalent of fast food for lunch, we splurged. (I forgot to take the picture before digging in!)