Day 3 with Ari

You might wonder where the dog in this photo is.  Ari seems to have the same escape artist instinct as Jake did.

We are attempting to periodically crate train him so we don't have to keep a constant eye on him.  Especially after yesterday's fiasco with turkey hotdog bits offered as treats, which caused him to drink and therefore pee constantly.

Midmorning today I put him in the above crate with his favorite toys and went to practice the piano in the living room, still forbidden territory for Ari with its rugs and furniture.  He immediately began crying like a baby in earnest but then settled down for 20 minutes or so.  When I came down to answer the phone, I was utterly amazed to see Ari prancing up to greet me, as if to say "Look what I was able to do!"

He had obviously gone out through the top of the crate after turning over the Playmate cooler and standing on the blue side.  I can't even imagine how he managed to pull himself up and over with no apparent injuries.

Today we have seen only one accident and that was when I corralled him for a few minutes in a doggy playpen.  He is insisting on freedom and is being fairly convincing.

One of his favorite spots to nap is on a cushion under my husband's desk.  When asleep he looks angelic, but then so do most babies.