Ari At Last

It was reminiscent of preparing for our first-born.  We had acquired all the necessary things -- crates, toys, food, treats, a car harness, etc.  We were all excited as we drove the 2-1/2 hours to pick up Ari and bring him home today.

When we arrived at Fox Creek Farm, another family was meeting his sister Roxy for the first time.  They are in the DC metro area, so we quickly started planning play dates for the 2 puppies who had never been apart for the last 8 weeks.

Ari easily settled in for the car ride home, moving from one lap to the other.  I took the above picture as he slept in the crook of my arm.

Once home he began exploring his new surroundings in earnest.  Can you imagine going from 12 square feet to an entire house (or at least the non-carpeted parts of a house)?  Here he is taking a break in my lap.  At this point he still had a perfect record for accidents in the house.  That would soon change.

We are trying a positive approach to training Ari, rewarding him for things like asking to go out.  He is also training us to read his cues.  

He is definitely not the complacent dog that Dylan was.  He is full of spunk but ready to snuggle when he gets tired.

Below he is enjoying the bed Jake slept on.  You could fit at least 12 dogs his size on it.  But he seems content to luxuriate in the extra space.

I am starting to wonder how his first night will go, when we confine him to his crate and get up every 3 hours or so if he wimpers to go out.

This is just the beginning of what I hope will be a long and loving relationship!