On the Road


Tires take a real beating in this country. We spent some time getting a tire repaired. The cost was $3. Most drivers carry two spares.


This beautiful female lion sauntered down the road, passing about 5 feet from our car and paying us absolutely no attention. 


We encountered a small herd of elephants, including some very young babies who preferred to hide underneath the big ones. 


I can never see too many zebras. They are playful and seem to coexist peacefully with a lot of animals. And their stripes are so unique.


The same is true of giraffes. They exist mostly in small towers of 4 or 5. They chomp on the vegetation and don't cause any trouble. 


There are two juvenile female lions up in this tree with elephants hanging around underneath. At one point the elephant on the right wandered over to stand below the rightmost lion. The lion reached down and started stroking the elephant's ear in a really playful way. Such a lesson in peaceful coexistence!