Today was mostly a travel day as we made our way to the Serengeti. It is hard to imagine that a car -- even a Toyota Land Cruiser -- or one's body could take so many bumps on the rough unpaved road! We encountered this troop of baboons at the entrance to the national park, where we also left behind our last pavement.


Trees like this acacia dot the landscape. This one is fortunate to have been spared the ravages of the elephants. 


This is home sweet home while at Camp Kiota, a group of 10 luxury tents and gourmet food. After dark we had to be escorted to our tent because animals like zebra and cape buffalo wander through. 


Here are our his and hers sinks inside our tent. If it hadn't been for the relatively uneven floor, I would never have known my room was a tent! 


One of my favorite meals so far was that his lunch of stir-fried beef, rice, and avocado-tomato salad. 


We encountered this herd of water buffalo, that included a couple of babies probably only hours old. Births and deaths are a given in this environment where one animal is always another animal's favorite dinner. New babies must be carefully protected from the lion or hyena who is just waiting to pick them off. 


Every one of those "lumps" is a hippo. They were collectively enjoying the cool water and mud. 

On our way back to our tent, our escort pointed out about 15 feet from our front zipper a huge cow-pie, which had come from a cape buffalo. I shuddered at the thought of crossing his path.