On to Cafeyate

It didn't just rain last night in Molinos -- it poured with lightning, thunder, and hail. While all this was going on in the middle of the night, I kept wondering if the road to Cafayate would be passable today.  As it turned out, there was a lot of flooding. Anything less than a 4x4 would have gotten stuck, as we witnessed. After the first few huge mud puddles, I became less worried that we too would get stuck.


Our route took us by some amazing rock formations. I thought the one above looked like Petra.

This sign reminds us that the area was the site of an ancient lake. And that only a whisper remains.

Just a few kilometers before reaching Cafayate, the dirt road turned into a paved road. But by then Martin's truck was covered in mud.


We had lunch and visited a local winery before saying goodbye to Martin. We are staying in the lovely Killa Hotel, with beautiful gardens and a much welcomed pool.

Which all sounds like the Garden of Eden until you hear the sounds of what promises to be a huge rock festival just across the street. We may need the earplugs we brought for the plane in order to get some sleep.