Coming to Salta is like dropping into another world. The Europeans of BA have been replaced by indigenous people with darker skin and eyes. The red Malbec wine is now accompanied by the white Torrontes. But it is still hot and people still worship grilled meat. 

We have spent much of our time here walking. Salta has half a million people so there are a lot of streets to traverse. Walking has been pleasantly interrupted by food. There are always baked meat empanadas, coffee shops, lemonades, and delicacies made from dulce de leche.

We took in a private ethnographic museum today because all the public museums are closed on Mondays. It was a small museum featuring really old pre-Colombian relics from the entire Andean region. I kept wondering how these priceless antiquities ended up in the hands of a private foundation. 


Catholicism is much more obvious here in Salta. Check out these paintings on what appeared to be a garage door.

We are waiting for our bag of laundry to come back. Clean underwear makes any traveler smile.  

And we are weighing our choices among the local competing parrilladas for our dinner of grilled meat.  I am sure we have already exceeded our quota of red meat, but oh well....