Closing in on 6 Months

Ari has taken up Jake's spot on the window seat in the family room.  He has a perfect vantage point where he can bark at every squirrel or bird that enters our back yard.

He is Mr. Sociable these days.  He goes to daycare once or twice a week, where he plays with other adorable dogs with names like Lucy, Max, and Toaster (who really would name a dog Toaster?)  He has also made good friends at the local dog park with Jax and Sadie.  He meets Birdie at the neighborhood ball park.  And he has friends like Shelby and Magruder who come visit and explore the back yard with him.

But his favorite activity of all time is chewing on a frozen marrow bone, which feels good to his sore gums and means he is not chewing on furniture or shoes.

After a hard day of playing and chewing, we often find this kitchen rug.  I only wish my hips were so flexible!