Ari at 12 Weeks

Young Ari is getting bigger and older and more clever every day.  He has discovered that humans have far more interesting food than kibble.  The only food he has sampled is bananas, the mainstay of our son.  He has come to believe he should have a bite of each and every banana.  By checking out the dishwasher, he also has found remnants of good-tasting things.

We can no longer complain about sleep deprivation.  That is, if we go to bed by 11 PM, we are guaranteed 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  As for house-breaking, there is still the occasional accident.  He pretty much relies on us to get him out in time and sometimes we fail.

Today we were treated with a visiti from Roxy, one of the two girls in his litter.  As you can see, little Roxy is tiny compared to Ari, but she makes up for her small size with cunning.  She held her own as they raced around the back yard.  On a few occasions they tried to play with the same toys and neither wanted to give in.  I wonder if they really remembered each other after 4 weeks of separation.

It is true that Ari's entrance into our household profoundly changed many things.  But it's hard to remember life without him.  When he lies on his back in my lap and looks up at me with those sweet brown eyes, I know we made a good decision!