Puppy Update

Which one will it be?  Our puppy was born to Taylor (and Levi) on September 17.  This picture was taken 2 days later.  At this point we have submitted our preferences and we know we will be getting a male.  We know there are at least 5 males in the litter, but we haven't seen a photo of the puppies by gender yet.

We are so excited at the thought of once again having a dog in our family.  We will visit the puppies when they are 6 weeks old and after the breeder has determined which one best fits our criteria.

Our puppy will be named Ari (which means "lion" in Hebrew).  I hope he lives up to his name and is a gentle lion.

Here is an update of the puppies at 2 weeks.  They are just starting to open their eyes.  Aren't they adorable little golden doodles?